Below is a reproduction of a Twitter Thread.

It’s now been one year since I quit teaching. At 38, I left the only career I had ever known in my adult life behind. The path was filled with enthusiasm, doubt, help, and luck. This is how it happened. Thread.


Tomorrow will be Crypto Community Project’s first summer boot camp. Fifteen recent high school graduates from the South Bronx will receive a foundational education in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain space. This event was made possible with sponsorship by Electric Coin Co. Along with sponsoring the curriculum, Electric Coin Co. …

While the volatility of the market has returned, many are quick to proclaim crypto’s demise. Having the opportunity to say “I told you so” is hard to resist. These voices have been active for years and will not quiet now. The recent hash war between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin…

Carlos Acevedo

Writer of Words | Crypto-Focused | Reformed NYC Public School Teacher | Founder, Crypto Community Project | Sr. Director, Brave Software

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